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Changing my city in caller ID?


When I dial out from Zoom Phone, the caller ID of the recipient shows a town that is an hour away from me. Is there a way to change the location to my town?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi wncbob,


The display of a town for your caller-id name means that the telephone company that receives your call does not know your name.  in lieu of your name, the telephone company shows the town associated with your area code and telephone exchange.  to help avoid this, you should make sure that you have your name or company name in the zoom caller-id field.


when you follow zoom’s caller-id name procedures, zoom will send out your caller-id name to one of the caller-id services such as the Line Information Database (LIDB).

Frequently asked questions about caller ID - Zoom Support


in usa, the way caller-id name works is:

a. caller’s telephone company (ringcentral, centurylink, zoom, cox, etc) sends your telephone number plus caller-id name to a caller-id name service such as Line Information Database (LIDB).

b. the callee’s (person receiving the call) telephone company periodically accesses the caller-id service and downloads and stores in its own database telephone numbers and caller-id names.

c. when the callee receives a call, the callee’s telephone company tries to match the telephone number to a caller-id name.  if there is a match, the callee’s telephone company provides the caller-id name.  if there is no match, your telephone company may display city, state based on area code and telephone exchange.  if the callee is using a cell phone and the telephone number is in the cell phone contacts, then the cell phone will display the contact’s name.  


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thanks,  eliot

Hi @wncbob welcome to Zoom Community! Was the help provided by @Eliot's KB for Frequently asked questions about caller ID useful? If not, do let us know how else we can support you or what you found useful in terms of understanding Eliot's explanation of caller-id naming in the knowledge base. 

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