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Call queue rotating distribution exact definition


On the Zoom help page for Managing Call Queues ( it states the following:

  • Rotating: Rings available members in a regularly changing order so that calls are distributed evenly.

Does anyone know what 'regularly changing order' means?  I assumed it would choose a different user to ring first each time a call came in, but my users are telling me that it look like Zoom is choosing the same user, so I'm not sure what logic is being used to 'regularly change' which user gets picked first for the incoming call.  Any insight would be apprecated, thanks.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@JonathanL1 Regularly changing order references how the determination is made for next in the queue.  Rotating will try to ring based off last answered time. So it will see extension 001 answered last and then move to the next available extension in the queue. With a rotating it should not be continually going to the same user unless no one is offline. 

Sequential will always start from the top which sounds like the behavior you are are describing. 

I would suggest that if all members are online in the call queue and you continue to see that only one person is receiving calls, double check the call queue distribution method and if correct, open a Zoom support ticket so that our dedicated support team can assist further. 



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