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Auto Receptionist Admin Permission Issue

I am trying to stage an AR for a user where that can be in control of their recordings and IVR options. Also granting them the ability to change it to a straight forward from the IVR function. The only problem is I cannot find a way to disable the ability of that user to delete or add a phone number to the AR. We don't want to let the user change phone numbers. Is there anyway to restrict the AR Admin role to not allow number management?  Call queues seem to have that ability with the 'Manage Basic Information' selection on a CQ Admin role.


It appears this can't be done. I have asked our rep to submit a feature request. Hopefully some others in here would like that ability and mention it to their reps 🙂 The more the merrier!

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It appears this can't be done. I have asked our rep to submit a feature request. Hopefully some others in here would like that ability and mention it to their reps 🙂 The more the merrier!

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi tom_d,


you might be interested in the 3/25/2024 article on using zoom role management - phone site admin.  you can see that there is a lot functions that can be used by someone with phone site admin role and more to come.


Phone Site Admin

The Phone Site Admin has been improved to allow admins to exclusively manage designated sites, providing enhanced control over those specific sites. Admins assigned those specific targeted roles are restricted to do the following:

  • Barge, monitor, and whisper across different sites.
  • View or manage phone numbers assigned to other sites.
  • Set call queue membership, monitoring, and call handling across different sites if the member is a call queue admin.
  • Configure menu options and overflows across different sites if the member is an auto-receptionist admin.


This functionality will be rolled out gradually, providing customer access in phases, as outlined in the following table. It's important to note that the functionality will not be visible in your account if you are not part of the deployment phase.

PhaseAccountDeployment date
Phase 1New Zoom Phone accountsMarch 2024
Phase 2Zoom Phone accounts with less than 100 usersMay 2024
Phase 3Zoom Phone accounts with 100 and 5000 usersJune 2024
Phase 4All other Zoom Phone accountsJuly 2024

After duplicating the Phone Site Admin role, you can set up the role to either:

  • View: Click the checkbox in the View column to allow or disallow the visibility privileges of a feature.
  • Edit: Click the checkbox in the Edit column to allow or disallow changes privileges to a feature.
  • Entirely revoke access: Unselect both the View and Edit checkboxes to revoke access privileges to a feature.
    Then select one of the following scopes as appropriate:
    • Entire Account: To allow cross-site management of a feature.
    • Targeted Sites: To restrict cross-site management of a feature.


You can apply or revoke scope privileges to the following features:

  • Phone Number: View or edit phone number settings.
    • Outbound Caller ID: View or edit outbound caller ID.
    • Add & Remove Numbers: Edit Purchase and remove native and BYOC numbers.
  • User and Rooms: View or edit phone users, Zoom Rooms, and common area phones, including their calling plans.
  • Monitoring: View or Edit monitoring rules.
  • Default Audio Prompts: View or edit site-level or account-level audio settings.
  • Voicemail/videomail Access: View and play voicemail/videomail.
    • Play voicemail/videomail: Listen to voicemail and view voicemail transcriptions at the targeted site level only.
    • Download: download voicemail/videomail.
    • Delete: Delete voicemail/videomail.
  • Voicemail/videomail notification by email: View or edit the voicemail/videomail notification by email policy.
    • Manage emails that receive forwarded voicemails/videmails: View or edit emails where voicemails are forwarded to.
  • Recording Access: View and play recordings using the account-level call log.
    Note: This privilege doesn't include the ability to grant access to call recordings.
    • Play recordings: Listen to recordings and view recording transcriptions.
    • Download: Download recordings using the account-level call log.
    • Delete: Delete recordings using the account-level call log.
  • Shared Modules: View or edit call queues, auto-receptionists, and shared line groups.
    • Manage Membership: Assign the members of shared services from the site or account.
    • Manage Call Handling: Set call handling and overflow options from the site or account.
  • Call Log: View or edit the account-level call log.
  • Personal Emergency Address Access: View or edit users' personal emergency addresses.
  • Data Residency: View or edit the storage location of phone content and data for account extensions such as call queues, auto receptionists, shared line groups, and common areas.
  • All Other Features: View or edit all other features including the following.

Using Zoom Phone role management


thanks,  eliot