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Audiocodes Gateway

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How does zoom sip interface with Audiocodes Gateway?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

This depends on whether you are referring to analog gateways or SBCs.


Zoom supports many of the Audiocodes Mediapack analog gateways, you can see the certified models listed on our support site -


If you are referring to Premise Peering / Bring Your Own Carrier ( BYOC) you can see some additional details here:

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analog gateways

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Thanks for the reply!  The AudioCodes MediaPack gateways can be registered as a SIP endpoint.  I would advise configuring these devices in 'Phones & Devices > Analog Telephone Adaptor > Add'.


After the device has been added, you'll need to configure at least 1 port before the device will show "online" status. 


To configure the ports, after the device has been added navigate to 'assigned extensions' then add the Common area phone or User.  Then navigate to 'ports and positions' and assign the ports accordingly. 


Let us know if you have any other issues or questions. 

Thank you,Do you know what the zoom sip address is?


Apologies for the delay here!  I was out on holiday. 


The provisioning may be found within the Zoom admin portal.  


Simply navigate to the device which is not registering, click the "Provision" blue button and you'll be prompted with the provisioning URL. 



Once the device has the provisioning URL, it should obtain the rest of the necessary information from Zoom such as the SIP address, username, auth ID, and password.  


Additionally, the assisted provisioning URLs may be found here:

The assisted provisioning process may be found here:


Hope this helps.


The MP-118 I am working with will not provision with Zoom no matter how many times I update the provisioning URL. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Any resolutions? I confirmed it is on the correct firmware.