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Audiocodes 445HD Provisioning issues




I'm attempting to provision an Audiocodes 445hd desk phone. Automatic provisioning didn't occur after resetting the phone so I went through the manual steps to provision.


On the final step of the manual provisioning guide it says:



Configure provisioning server:

1. In the web interface, go to Management > Automatic Update > Automatic Provisioning.

2. In the Provisioning Method drop-down menu, select Static URL.

3. In the Configuration URL field, enter Provisioning URL in above of this dialogue.

4. Click Check Now. When web interface says "Configuration file is available. Do you want to update?", select OK.

5. Web interface should show "Automatic Configure success. System is going to reboot ...". Your phone will reboot to complete configuration.


On completion of step 4 instead of step 5 occurring the phone says:


Configuration file 00908F99C2B1.cfg is identical to existing


and does not reboot the phone. Rebooting the phone myself makes no change and the phone is shown to be 'offline'. 


I know that the phone is communicating with zoom because in the account section of the menu it lists the name the phone is assigned to. Yet I haven't been able to get it online.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



Contributor I
Contributor I

Sounds like the phone is provisioned but something else is wrong - are you sure no firewall issues between the phone and zoom?

Might be able to tell from the phone's debug logs (if it has them).

I don't think there's firewall issues as I've managed to provision a different Audiocodes phone (445HD) through the same connection 


I'm not sure if it has debug logs from what I've seen either! 


Appreciate the attempt to help. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thanks for the article and your previous help!


The URL listed here is the same as the one I'm having difficulties with that was given in Zoom's assisted provisioning steps. So far I haven't gotten any further with this.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi zoomhelp11,


1/15/2923 firmware is available.  phone supports zero touch provisioning.

Zoom Phone Certified Hardware – Zoom Support


these audiocodes articles may be of some help.  also have link to audiocodes support.

Supported AudioCodes Models for Zoom Phone


445HD IP Phone User's Manual - Generic SIP (





Yeah that's the firmware I've updated the phone to use, a factory reset doesn't cause zero touch provisioning to occur so I've had to use the assisted provisioning steps provided by Zoom to no avail so far. 


I'd also found these articles but I'm still quite stuck on why it isn't working as I provisioned a different Audiocodes phone (405HD) in minutes. 



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi zoomhelp11,


i saw this note in zoom certified hardware:


"For the 450HD, Zoom Phone only supports the generic SIP version. If you have Skype for Business (SfB) firmware, contact AudioCodes support to convert it to generic SIP."


i also see a note on the firmware for 445hd that mentions generic sip.



is it possible that your 445hd phone has Skype for Business (SfB) firmware?


maybe a call to audio codes would be in order?


thanks,  eliot

This certainly could be the case, on the home screen it shows a 'sign in' option and leads to 4 sign in options for skype. 


Thank you.


Hi, were you able to get this phone to fully provision with Zoom Phone? I also have a 445HD that seems to be stuck with the SW_TYPE of LYNC no matter which firmware is loaded.

I wasn’t in the end, I ended up returning it and getting a different phone (yealink t54w) which worked instantly.