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underwater audio on Mac


In recent weeks I've had an issue where some of the audio I'm piping into a Zoom meeting via Audio HIjack Pro sounds - both to the people on the call as well as on the Zoom recording - like it is underwater. But it's only the piped in audio (eg pre-recorded clips). The normal mic audio sounds fine. 

But here's the weird thing. 

1. It doesn't happen 100% of the time. I've run tests where it hasn't happened. Then it will happen during a call. 

2. In addition to recording calls (for podcast) using Zoom's built-in recorder, I also record a backup copy using Audio Hijack. It records the audio coming out of the Zoom audio feed. And the underwater sound doesn't appear on THOSE recordings. So I can't figure it out. 


I've attached screenshots of my Audio HIjack setup. AH1 is the setup that goes into Zoom. AH2 is the backup recording setup. 


If anyone has any ideas what might be happening, I'd appreciate it. 







Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Your AH1 diagram does not show how you are connecting to Zoom. As a mic device? as a screen share? as an audio share? Need to see the settings > audio tab settings or the screen share window just before clicking share. Remember that if you are inputting music on the Zoom mic input you need to turn on "Original sound for musicians". You may also want to consider using OBS Studio which integrates video and audio very well to Zoom using any of the 3 ways I listed.


Yes, good point. Loopback is the Zoom audio input. And my voice comes through fine, it's just audio clips playing from Farrago that sounds like they are underwater. 



BTW, I should point out that I've been using this exact setup for years and it's always worked perfectly. The problems started just recently.