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translation of record transcription



I recorded a zoom session. All the participant speak french in the session.

I tried to get the transcription (vtt file) : everything shows english words.

Would you explain : 

- how to make a new french transcription of the recording

- how to set transcriptions in french for my next meetings

Thank you very much


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @AdjointDANENC 

Can you use French subtitles in your Zoom account?
If you can use them, I think if host set the language spoken to French in the subtitle settings, the vtt file of the recording will be in French.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @AdjointDANENC.  My Community friend @Ohkawa shows you how to enable the translation feature if you have it enabled.  I thought I'd add that there's a Zoom Support article than explains the Prerequisites for this service, and provides additional technical information, if you are interested: 


Also, to your first question about how to do the translation of a previous meeting... the technical answer is probably "there is no way to do that."  But I do think I might have a work-around for you.  I'm not able to test this, so not sure if it will work... but it's worth a try.


First, you'll need the Caption Translation feature enabled.  Start a meeting, and configure the Speaking Language to French.  Then, play the original meeting's recorded video using the Share Screen -> Advanced tab -> Video icon.  I think Zoom will then capture the captions in French.  Again, I can't test this, but it might work.


Note that any captioning (in any language!) needs to be reviewed and potentially edited by a human.  Captioning isn't perfect, and is especially prone to errors if subject-matter specific terminology is used, such as medical and scientific terms.


If you have other questions about this, go ahead and ask here.  We're happy to assist.

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