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showing details on video when teaching


Hi Zoom, because of Covid I can't get 6 to 8 people together to teach a class showing students how to tie flies for trout fishing.  My classes have begun but the video quality is poor. No detail or color to the subject which is a close up of a fly being tied in various stages. 
It would appear I am only allowed to go to HD if I have 2 or less participants. 
Is there any upgrade to my subscription I can do? 

Is there any settings I can adjust to help?

Also, I am using an external HD  camera that is in a lighted ring tripod for the tying portion of the class, but I wondered if I can go back and forth between that and my Mac and my iPhone 13 Max?


Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hey @Jeff_Perin apologies for not getting to your discussion sooner! For 720p or 1080p meetings please look into


Also, please note video quality comes with network bandwidth (at times) as well, more info here -->

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