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share screen popup on multiple monitors


this might be an unusual request.


i'm working as a court operator on a panel that is being webcast and accessed by the court participants. i have a dual-monitor setup, my main screen is on the left, and the screen that is broadcast is on the right.


the zoom screen with the counsel and witness is always displayed on the right screen, when i have to share documents, i would pull them up on the left screen, then click "share screen" on the zoom screen on the right.


when i do that, the "share screen" window pops up showing everyone all the windows i have open in the left monitor, i then quickly select the document and share. it looks rather unprofessional.


the only real option i have is to slide the zoom over to the left monitor, share screen the document, and then slide them back over, which is inefficient and distracting.


is there any way to specify which monitor for the share screen window to pop up in, and not just the monitor where zoom is located?