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schedule a meeting in zoom client


I would like to show in my zoom client a meeting organzed by my boss (so I am not the host of the meeting, only a participant). I linked zoom with google calendar but how can I add such a meeting with the info of the meeting ID and password or the direct link to it? thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @GiulioP 

I think the solution is to put the meeting link into the "location" field in the calendar event. Then zoom can identify the meeting as a zoom meeting.


Furthermore you might want the feature for scheduling privileges. Have a look on the following support page:


Have in mind, that you need a own license in the same account to use this feature.


Kind regards!

I try to follow your suggestion, but on the zoom client there is nothing showing the "location" field so the information is now showed there (even though I can find it if I open the google calendar)

I have a licensed version of zoom.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I mean the location field in the google calendar. In this field you have to insert the zoom meeting link.

If the calendar is connected to your zoom account the meeting should appear (it may take a few minutes to sync).


Another way is to use the scheduling privileges like I mentioned above. Then you are not only able to see the meetings of your boss, you can plan for him too.


yes, I did put the meeting id in the location field in the google calendar, and the meeting appears in the zoom client, but not the location!

I will try to follow the other solution.