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random key register during zoom call


Hi, today i found a weird issue that maybe specific to some machine. 
OS: Windows 11 Home

OS language: English
Machine: Surface laptop go 2, 8GB 256

Installed version: latest from microsoft store 

input method: Chinese quick (chinese)  / Chinese quick (english)


When meeting started no matter, I am the host or participant, and when i try to type using the keyboard on zoom chat room / from chrome browser url / anywhere in the system, The computer will start register random key on each key press. for example, if continuously pressing "S" key, i expect it will print "ssssssss" on the screen, what I get is "qwttesnmao". I also found this behavior happens more frequently when i typing in Chinese Quick input method, sometimes i get the same behavior when typing in English input method, but Chinese quick is guarantee almost 90% of time will having such problem.

This problem will always go when I close the meeting call. 
I cannot reproduce this issue on other machine, but very certainly the problem only happens when zoom meeting is on.