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pyramid scheme


I have been the victim of a pyramid scheme called Trust Investing. In a zoom meeting I remember asking a scam entrepreneur a question where he assured that exactly what has happened would not happen. I did not record the zoom call, it was a meeting with many people. I want to know if there is any kind of record or if everything that was said in that meeting was lost forever because it was not recorded. If there is any way to recover that information, I will send it to the police. Cheers


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @jamf,


Sorry you've been scammed.  I know it's often difficult to tell the "real deal" from bad people with bad intentions.


Zoom does not record any user's meetings for it's own archives.  The only recordings made are Cloud recordings (which end up in the meeting host's account) and Local recordings (which end up on a user's PC or Mac).  If you were not able to record the meeting, your only other source would likely be the meeting host -- and given the nature of your experience with them, it's highly unlikely they'd give you a copy.


To get assistance from Zoom in something like you, you will need to submit a Support Ticket directly to Zoom Staff at: 

Us volunteers in the Zoom Community don’t have access to account information or ability research anyone's suspect activity.  Be sure to include as much information as you have about the meeting in question, including either a registration link or the Meeting ID.

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