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playing music for church service


I zoom from the desk for our church service.  People zoom in for the service and we also have in-person folks.  I play a solo from my laptop, and the organist plays live in person.


The people on zoom can not hear the organist at all.  They can tell I'm playing some music for the solo, but they can't tell what it is or if someone is singing or not.


I have an x5Pro bluetooth speaker, and I've tried both using the realtech speaker on my ASUS laptop and using an external UM02 omni-directional mic. I've tried original sound  for musician on and off, share audio, on the share screen settings. Nothing seems to help.  Running the latest update. 



Hi, I use an interface called Focusrite  (it is a red box). It comes in varied sizes (according to how many mics you need). When you connect the interface to your computer and microphones, it makes a significant difference. Now, you must use the mic so the people in Zoom can hear the sound.    Here is a YouTube link  to start with    I pray that this helps you write back if you need more help