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mic not picking up on iMac after last update


Suddenly after the last update, my 2yr old  imac (on newest software update, both for zoom and mac) does not pick up my voice in meetings. I am not on mute. I have verified my setting in the faq's.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled zoom, verified with apple tech support my settings, and I am able to be heard easily otherwise thru this mac. Oddly, its fine on my MacBook pro. I have tried the zoom mic test and it is not picking up my voice no matter how loud in a zoom.  Any ideas? I'm a full time coach and I need the larger screen for masterminds and coaching meetings. 
Any ideas? 



I purchased the latest iMac few days back and I had the same issue with the latest version of Zoom Workplace. My MacBook is running version 5.17.11 and doesn't have this bug.


You can find the link in the below community page to download version 5. Usually I wouldn't download any software from third party website but in this case I did and Zoom client is fixed.