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invalid input parameter


I tried to live my zoom meeting in YouTube. but it dhowed me : invalid input parameter



Welcome to the Zoom Community @donggang, and thank you for posting for the first time! 


Issues with streaming generally occur when trying to start the stream in your web browser. A new live stream can potentially be using older files from the last time you live streamed.


Please follow these troubleshooting steps:


1. Clear the browser’s cached files.


       Firefox: show you how to clear the cache. 

Once done, log in to Youtube and have this page open before starting the stream again on Zoom:

Note: Clearing the cache will log you out of all websites on that browser, which will require you to log back into any sites you were previously logged in to.


 2. Use a different browser to live stream.

Open a separate browser, log in to YouTube, then copy and paste the link Zoom is currently trying to open in the browser. This should work very similarly to clearing the browser cache if that option is not possible for you.


Hope this helps!

Zoom Moderator

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Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
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