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Prior to the most current update Zoom would automatically create a link to download .ics files into a calendar; the link was included in the information that was in the "copy invitation" button.  How can I automatically create this link with the most current version of Zoom?  I use google mail some of my users use outlook.  




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @mjngltn 


Do you mean something like this?





Hi Rupert, 

No, it was imbedded in the invitation details like this:

Image 1.jpg

I had the same issue and called Zoom and figured it out.


As background, I really needed the link from the "Copy Invitation" field as the calendar links generated in the icons (outlook/gmail/yahoo under "add to") cannot be shared (they are unique to the meeting organizer only). Therefore, I desperately needed the "Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system." from the "copy invitation" field to share with registrants (to essentially make their life easier, one click calendar management - as oppose to them copying all the info and creating a calendar, I'm just doing it for them).



The answer is, for single non-reoccurring meetings, the link is simply NOT available in "copy invitation".

The link will only appear in the "copy invitation" field IF it is a RE-OCCURING event. 


A work around the rep taught me (that I did not try) is to download the calendar from



The rep told me I can download the file from here:


Then, save the file to a or dropbox. You can then insert the link to dropbox/ and the user then can download the ICS file from there (more like a two click calendar management). Alternatively, you can also attach the downloaded ICS file and email the registrant.



I ran into the same problem, so what I ended up doing was scheduling single meetings as though they were recurring meetings that only occurred once. In other words, put the "End date" as "After 1 occurrence."

It' poor that we have to use workaround for basic, paid for, functionality


I really thought this "recurring meeting" would be a great fix for this, but did not work for me. Even with a recurring meeting, no ics file was included in my invitation email. This should be EASY!!!!! 

Weird sidebar -- if I send the invitation from my iphone app, the ics file is included. I must just have something not check somewhere, but darned if I can find it!

Agreed, for most of our clients we book recurring meetings since we meet every week for multiple weeks. Sending the link and ics file is critical. We discovered that, using Salepager, we are able to send email invitations with links and the ics file for recurring Zoom meetings as well as one off Zoom meetings.