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iOS app joins wrong meeting


Joining a meeting from an iOS calendar invite by clicking the "Join" button results in starting the wrong meeting.


I have multiple recurring meetings set up, and I create Outlook calendar invites for attendees. Some attendees have the Zoom app on iOS. When they click "Join" from the calendar invite the Zoom app opens and they choose "Dial in" as usual. At the bottom of the list of numbers, it shows the Meeting ID, Participant ID, and Passcode.  All good, usually.


But on one specific meeting, the app somehow chooses the wrong meeting ID and makes them join an old meeting.


I have multiple recurring meetings set up. I will do 5-10 occurrences before letting each end and creating a new meeting with the same name but a new ID and passcode. I have done this many times. At the moment, I have two separate meetings scheduled for today, both of which are 3rd or 4th generations of the same meeting title (just new IDs). But only one of them is experiencing this issue. It is not unique to a single user, as I have verified the problem by doing this myself.


  • The iOS app is up to date (just downloaded today).
  • The meeting is set to allow joining any time.
  • There is no waiting room, no registration required.


I can go find that old meeting in the web dashboard, and I suspect that if I changed it to not allow participants to join any time or use a waiting room, then it would quit starting that old meeting and preventing the rest of us from joining the proper one. However, the users joining via the iPhone calendar invite would still get the message of waiting to be let in.


I could probably delete the old meeting, but how do I prevent this from happening again? Is this a glitch with the Zoom iOS app? With iOS Calendar itself? Or did I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance!



I have this same problem.  Somebody please help
I had a recurring meeting that randomly disappeared one day.  I set up a replacement meeting and sent out invitations.  My guests are connected to the old meeting room and are told that the host is in the middle of a meeting.  Meanwhile, I am sitting in the correct meeting and there is no notification that says anybody is waiting for me in the lobby.