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frustrating issue during the meeting – lagging


Hey everyone,


I recently had a meeting with my team to discuss our new project, Pag IBig Loan. Unfortunately, we faced a frustrating issue during the meeting – lagging. The meeting was slow, and it hindered our productivity.

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and could shed some light on the possible causes. Could it be due to our internet connections, the platform we used, or something else? We really want to address this issue to ensure our future meetings run smoothly.


Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!"


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'm sorry you are having issues. It could be a number of things that are not Zoom related. Here is what I would do. 

  1. Run a speed test. Many sites are available, but make sure you have a good upload and download. Zoom does have specific specs for meetings, but I have found that over 20 Mbps on upload and download always work for a quality meeting. The higher the numbers, the better. I added a screenshot of a popular site with my speed test. 
  2. Run a Zoom meeting with no one in it. See if there is a lag. Just open the desktop app, and click New Meeting. Turn on the camera, audio, and test sharing screen and record to the cloud. 
  3. Run a Zoom meeting with 3 to 5 people in it. See if there is a lag.  Same test as mentioned in #2. 
  4. If you are working hybrid, test remotely and in the office. Ideally, it works in both locations with a good network connection. 
  5. Thinking outside the box now, if there is a lag on your work computer, try with a personal computer, if possible, from the same location. If you are at work, and work is lagging on your work computer, try a personal computer using the guest wifi and maybe even your hotspot if you have one. You many need to use a free or personal Zoom account, but it is free to sign up with Zoom. 

I'm trying to rule out that it is a Zoom issue, a work computer issue, or an internet issue. If everything is working above (1 through 4), no need for #5, possibly it is third-party software, or possibly too many users are in the office and putting a strain on the network.

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