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failed recording after joining breakout rooms


The problem is that when I was recording the conference  it was failed immediately after joining the participants in the breakout rooms and me, as the organizer, also joined one of the breakout rooms.

The recording, as always, was saved to the computer in a separate folder. But the video time is longer than has to be (e.g. 2 hours 50 minutes instead of 1 hour 10 minutes). With video, everything is fine from the beginning until the moment of uniting the breakout rooms. After that - only a black screen, the names of the participants, there is no sound.

In addition to the video, there are also two files in the folder called "double_click_to_convert_01" and "double_click_to_convert_02". When double-clicking, they are not converted.

This situation happened many times, but not in a row, but every other time.