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Zoom taking up broadband / ram


whenever I join a zoom meeting, it seems that zoom is using up all of my broadband or my ram and I'm unable to do anything else whilst on it. 


I'm on a pretty good system with 32gb of ram and my broadband is 200mpbs ( virgin media ) so there shouldn't be a problem. 

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue and has any solutions.


thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @tomereps,


It definitely sounds unusual, but there's not much in your description to troubleshoot.  Any chance you could provide some additional information to help us help you?

  • More description of your computer system:
    • Windows 10 or 11, or MacOS, Chrome, or Linux
    • Whatever info you have on the CPU (processor) and GPU (graphics card)
  • Do you have the Zoom client installed (desktop app) or accessing Zoom using a web browser?
  • Obviously Zoom "starts"... but then
    • Does it freeze up?
    • You can click buttons but nothing happens?
    • You're just unsure what to do next?

If you can provide some details, I'll do what I can to get you going.

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