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Zoom screenshare lagging


I was sharing a screen to my clients and they were saying on their side it is lagging,can someone help me with this issue



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @revyy thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! Laggy screen share issues could be attributed to a few things, sometimes it can be a slower network connection (maybe you are on Wifi and can try moving closer to your internet/wife router/modem, or even plug network in vs wifi?), it can also be a lack of processing power on your computer - this happens a lot to me when I have too many applications open or even too many browser tabs! I find closing apps I'm not using frees up processing power on the computer to give more horsepower to the screen sharing functions in Zoom. 


Another possibility - if you are sharing a video with people make sure to select the "Optimize for Full Screen Video" option when you share screen, right before you click on Share.  This will provide more processing power to the motion aspect of the video and make it smoother while it's playing:

- Click on Share Screen in the Zoom client

- If you are under the "Basic" tab at the top you will see options for sharing your desktop or application

- make sure to check the boxes for Full Screen video at the bottom before clicking "Share" and sending the content to the meeting



- you can also check the box to "Share Sound" if you want sound to be shared. 


This document may also help


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