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Zoom no longer Private. External users present


Zoom is no longer Private as External users are present and cant be turned off. Un-wanted folk listening, recording, but at least we know now. (first pic)                    ""UPDATES  ARE BELOW, AT THE END""                   ***OUTCOME*** - "there's no option to turn it off, but we encourage you to submit this complaint to our team." My thoughts were like bleeeeep.


Its everywhere, in 1 on 1 chats, group chats, external calls. Look down the bottom of your chats etc, to see the invasive message.


My account also has NO access to customer support (see pic). WOW.


Last pic is a way to help. I tried turning these off and it made NO difference.


I wrote to them and have no reply yet. I hope someone else knows how to fix this bad privacy breech as zoom is the same as all other apps now, compromised.

Thanks, try and have a nice day!


UPDATE - 25Aug2022 -

Zoom (Edgar Jr .....sin) wrote back and said its there monthly update, i am dreaming. He cut/ paste me the info i sent him. I replied its a bot as we found it so kindly remove it as its still there. Hopeless service.

Did you know free zoom accounts have NO live help, just read for hours in their F&Q....................

 - 26Aug2022 - Another rely today said - For now, there's no option to turn it off, but we encourage you to submit a Feature Request to our Product Team. Please fill out a feedback form located at
Please follow us at and our release notes for new product and feature announcements.



Well, I pay for my zoom account and I will try and see what they say. It is indeed a very annoying message and something I cannot see ANY reason why you cannot switch it off. By all means warn, but then allow the user to suppress at their own risk. In any case I don't understand the message. I know who is "outside" my organisation, I don't need zoom to tell me. I think they have had complaints from people or they are afraid of being sued. This problem has been existing for decades. It is really easy to send an email to the wrong recipient. You just have to be careful, or are we going to have a sign every 3 feet along the road warning us that "cars may be using this road"?


So zoom if you read this, please stop making the platform annoying to use and as a minimum allow users to supress this message.


And while you are at it UPDATE ZOOM FOR LINUX SO THAT IT INCLUDES STEREO AUDIO. You promised that for ages and I am paying for this service. It is really easy to fix this problem, you are making plenty of money.

Goodluck mate, you'll need it. They said to me they cant turn of External User's present, they will probably tell you to turn off external contacts and think they fixed it like the unhelpful bot, grrrrr lol.