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Zoom meetings


Before the Pandemic hit, I attended a weekly Program for people with Memory issues and Alzheimers.  But when the Pandemic hit, they had to shut it down and a couple of months later started having ZOOM meetings.   Now considering that over a week at the center, they about 140 people enter, about the highest count we had in any meeting was 5 people and I had one meeting where it was me and the Host.  Now I think that is because a lot of folks think Older folks should not be let anywhere near a computer, and I say so you can set them down in front of it, you the caretaker fire up the Zoom Meeting and either stay to help or walk away.

The girls who were moderators learned over time how to do good zoom meetings.  They shared their computer screens, we played bingo (there are a few online bingo callers), and played many games and themes for meetings, like late last spring, they had a day where it was show your Garden, so I had to take a laptop and my camera, hook my camera to the laptop and part through the meeting, show the folks my garden.

Then this September they ended the meetings trying to figure out to get attendance up.

I did love those ZOOM meetings, I do Thank the team at zoom for making such a wonderful platform.