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Zoom meetings for up to 20 volunteer community based participants


I am a coordinator of Neighbourhood Watch, NSW  for Canowindra in NSW Australia.

I am looking for the best way to have Zoom meetings  with other NSW coordinators, state executive and representatives from NSW Police and other authorities. Ideally we need  access for various coordinators around NSW to take turns at running these meetings on a monthly basis. Meeting attendance would be approx 20 people.  Our funding is very limited so we may have to arrange for sponsorship to pay for our Zoom membership.

I'd appreciate suggestions on best options to pursue and ideally feedback from other volunteer community organisations using this service.



Hey @LanceNHW, suggest looking into scheduling recurring meetings. When scheduling a meeting, the host must disable the waiting room feature and enable the setting to allow participants to join before the host. These two settings together will allow participants to enter the meeting without the host.

Another option is to designate an alternative host when scheduling a meeting. This allows you to specify a person who can start the meeting and manage participants in the meeting, which is helpful if you don’t want to disable waiting room or allow participants to join before host.


Zoom Community Moderator

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