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Zoom log-on multiple devices


Hi folks,

New to the Zoom community board, but not new to Zoom. I work in healthcare and we are providing a small telehealth service working with a large team of per diem staff who need access to a Zoom license specifically when they are on a consult. Rather than have licenses for all per diems, we are looking to share the licenses. Looking for the cleanest way to do this, as well as ensure my staff do not knock each other off during a meeting.


From my initial research, I see two likeliest options:


  1. Utilizing "host key" to share the 5 licenses. That looks to be only for scheduled meetings (our needs are not scheduled meetings and the timing of such are impossible to predict), as well as occur 24/7.
  2. Utilizing a "Channel" where shared licensed accounts will live. Staff would have basic accounts, log in, review the Channel to identify an available license, then sign in via that license.


My current plan is to proceed with Approach #2 above.


Two questions then for this community:

  • Is there a way to utilize Approach #1 ("Host Key") that doesn't require "scheduled meetings", and could be handled by a single end user in the middle of the night (e.g. when no one with access to the licensed email is available to assist)?
  • How can I ensure (particularly with Approach #2, but also with #1 if this is also a risk there) that someone doesn't accidentally knock another off, if the account is logged into by a separate device? Is it possible to toggle that the license stays logged in on the active video session, versus the new log in? To prevent accidental disconnects.





We would also love to know what solution is available for this.