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Zoom has failed to detect mic and speakers


We use our Dell Desktop for 2 zoom meetings:

1.  One Zoom meeting is with our church life group on Sunday and everything works fine. We have a shared link to click on and Zoom opens up. No problem with audio or video.


2. Another Zoom meeting group is with BFS (Bible Fellowship Studies). About 4 or 5 weeks ago the problem with the audio started.  

  • My wife uses a Meeting ID and password to enter the Zoom meeting site once a week. It is not available at any other time to test is it out.  The meeting starts right away, so there is not much time to troubleshoot. So, if the desktop gives her the problem, I let her use my laptop to connect to the Zoom meeting. It has no problem doing so, but she would prefer to use the desktop.
  • On her desktop the Zoom Video (site BFS)  is showing but a large box  on the middle of the screen says: s Zoom has failed to detect mic and speaker.
  • I have tested the mic and speaker before starting zoom and they are work fine.
  • It acts like the Zoom site is frozen. Normally in the bottom left corner of the screen I can check the mic, speaker & video to make sure the settings are correct.  The problem is it will not let you get to the icons.
  • I uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled with the same results. 
  • I ran every update for Window that are available. 
  • I am using Windows 10 version 21H2 (os build 1904,1566) on both the desktop and laptop.

Thanks for your help ahead of time

Richard Burkart







Same problem. On Mac. Zoom has worked fine for years (and I subscribe to it). Today, fails to detect mic.  Cannot figure out how to fix it.  Uninstalled and re-installed did not fix it.  Chat feature on here is worthless.  Wish someone would answer your post.


I've got the same problem.  This way works for me >> Uninstall >> Reinstall >> Go to system >> Sound >> Volume mixer >> Go to Zoom  and click "Unmute  app" on the speaker icon. Hope this help.