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Zoom has disappeared from my computer (a Mac)


This morning when I turned on my computer, the icon in the app bar had a question mark over it. Nothing happened when I clicked on it. I managed to get on a call with a client by clicking on the link in my calendar, but it seems that zoom has disappeared from my computer. It's not on the list of applications anymore. How do  I get it back?

Thank you.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee



I would  recommend going to and downloading the client one more time to your device and seeing if that resolves the issue. I hope this helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.


this happen almost everyday. zoom strangely disappears on mac. i keep on instaling it.


Make sure it isn't in the applications folder of your user profile. If originally installed or updated to that spot, it will not show up in the main applications folder for all users. This also explains the question mark in mac sidebar that appears upon restart after you've updated the app.


I am finding that I must install Zoom frequently ... probably six or more times in the last two weeks.  What's causing this?  I go to start up Zoom to connect to a meeting and the icon is gone and it's no longer on the app list in the finder (2021 14" MacBook Pro M1 pro running Monterey).  I have never had this experience on any other system, windows or mac.


I checked and the Zoom app is NOT being installed in my personal user app list but in the standard app path

(Macintosh HD/Applications)


Thanks for any insight you can bring to this issue.

Yah it's BS.... I was all set to start a really important zoom last week and I was like "WTF???"  

I'll take solace however in knowing that I am not the only one. 

Sad part is, when I finished the zoom then I had no Internet for some reason, thanks to CommieCast/XFinadeath so I didn't get to save it anyway.  Unreal.