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Zoom application not opening


Sooo.... after switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11, my Zoom desktop client seems to not work at all... After installing Windows 11, i tried to open Zoom app, and noticed its not opening. So, obvious solution was to uninstall, and install again... and it worked, i downloaded zoom installer from zoom website, installed program again, made google login, had my meeting, ... until i shutted down my pc, and turned it on again.... Double-click on Zoom icon on desktop isnt working... Just a little blue circle spins a little bit next to mouse icon, aaand... nothing opens. No process active in Task Manager.  But, interestingly, the only way of opening it is through join meeting section on zoom website.... logging in, entering meeting info, then following steps... Zoom app opens, and works... Stubborn as i am, i even tried reinstalling Windows... Same thing... Any ideas?


As i wrote in my first post, that's not helping... I even reinstalled windows.... Same thing... In the meantime, i found out that installing from .msi file from zoom download section seems to make Zoom open after PC shutting down/turning on, but without signing info... I have to sign in again, and no meeting ID's are memorised... as if it is just installed... And there is no check for update option nowhere...


I'm having the same problem. Been working on it for days, with no success. Did you find a solution?