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Zoom and Hololens 2


Hi guys,

I would like to use the Zoom on my hololens 2 device, however it seems like it was not make available through Microsoft Store. Do you know how to install Zoom on the HL2? Are there any good workaround? Using browser immediately lowers the quality of the share / call, so it's not a good option.

Thanks for your insights and expertise,

Best regards,



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Simi 


I have not tried this personally but this is the solution a user I support elected to use.


  1. Open Hololens App
  2. Choose to stream your Hololens perspective to your PC
  3. Once Stream is initiated you can share your screen/window using Zoom.

From what I was told the experience was not great but it did work well enough to showcase

a demo application to an audience.


Also check this guide as well.


Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot @newl!

I'll suggest your solution to my colleagues, and we'll try it this week. It's really a pity that we need to go through the workarounds - hope that zoom will develop adjusted app for the XR.

Kind regards,