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Zoom Window Locked With OBS Virtual Camera


I'm attempting to use Zoom with OBS, with OBS as a virtual camera outputting to Zoom. Using Windows 11. The window itself pretty much freezes and cannot be moved. It does show the video properly, but the Windows window comes to a grinding halt and cannot be moved. Will this integration be looked into by Zoom? Any settings to test here?


Contributor I
Contributor I

Since i have investigated that the version of Zoom that is failing is the latest and works with a slightly older version. So it's either bugged or I changed something so it won't complain.

I did downgrade and then as soon as I loaded a zoom meeting it popped up saying that it needed to upgrade. Not sure if I have access to some features. Would be great if Zoom tech support could let us know here if this is a real thing that they will fix soon. Millions of people use virtual cameras with OBS and other apps to colorize things better.