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Zoom Using Tor and Bittorrent?


There is an earlier post from 2023 on this: Tor and Bittorent used by Zoom? - Zoom Community - but unfortunately doesn't definitely answer the question.  I've been unable to find the answer on Zoom's support pages.


We are receiving alerts that Zoom.exe is using Tor/Bittorrent Ports (9001, 9030, 9040, 9050, 9051, 9150).  When checking the .exe FileHash it corresponds with the current file has for zoom.exe, uploading the .exe to sites like VirusTotal show it's safe.


I check with the end user's when this happens and have not been able to pinpoint what triggers it.


If anyone has any information, that would be great.  We'll be blocking the ports and we'll see what that does but I wanted to see if anyone had any additional information for the use of these ports.