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Zoom Pro- how to turn off video filters for everyone in a meeting


I have Zoom Pro. I'm a physician and I use Zoom Pro with a BAA. I have a PMI and i use this (with a waiting room) for all of my meetings with patients.


Is there a way to turn off video filers for everyone in the meeting as a default and keep it off permanently.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @rickined,


You CAN remove the ability for attendees to use video filters.


A couple things to note, this will only affect meetings where you are the host, and this is an account wide setting; which is to say that once you disable video filters, no one, including yourself, will be able to use video filters in any meetings.


To disable the video filters, follow the steps outline below.


Log into your Zoom Account profile/portal.

  1. Navigate to Account Management
  2. Select the Account Settings menu
  3. From Account Settings, navigate to the In Meeting (Advanced) section
  4. Locate the "Video Filters" setting and disable and lock.


I hope that this provides the information you need, reply if you have any further questions. Otherwise, consider marking this post a "Accept as Solution" so other Zoom Community members may find this solution as well!