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Zoom Meetings Crash


I have Windows 11 with the latest updates. When I join a meeting, everything will be fine for a while, then it will freeze up and then exit Zoom. Sometimes it will automatically join the meeting again, but it will soon crash again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom but it still does not work. It works fine on my tablet and phone so I suspect it is something with my desktop. Will someone help, please?



I am also having this issue -- exactly as described above. I have updated Windows, I have updated Zoom, I have made sure that I am using the right version of Zoom (64 bit, as I am on a 64-bit OS).  I will get picture from my webcam, I will get sound from my microphone, and then the application will freeze. However, while it is frozen, I will still be able to hear other people and they will be able to hear me up to a certain extent. 


When I click "end process" it will attempt to get me back into the call, will usually successfully do so, and then freeze again.


This has basically rendered Zoom for our organization unusable, and I have been switching to another video application which works just fine if lower quality.


This has also been an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time and every single troubleshooting answer has not addressed this. I know this isn't the first time Zoom has been told about this issue and we are getting frustrated wondering why we are paying them for a non-functional application.