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Zoom Meeting Created with Google Calendar does not use default options


When I create a new meeting using the Zoom web app or desktop app (windows) it uses my default setting that allows anyone to join the meeting before I do. However, when I create the meeting from google calendar, which is logged in and connected to my Zoom account with the same email address, it creates the meeting but does not use my default setting of "allow anyone to join at anytime".


I am using Zoom for Google Workspace addon to connect my google calendar to zoom. In the download for Google Workspace it notes that I can change my meeting settings, but I can't see how to do that either from within the google calendar side of things (I can, of course, if I go to my Zoom account directly).


Does anyone have a fix for this?



Hey @DrDan are you configuring your GCal within your Zoom client? IF not, I would suggest looking into integrating your Gcal into the client and looking into the KB on Connecting your Google account with the Zoom Calendar Client, personally, I like it better and you're better able to configure meeting settings integrated into your GCal straight from the client. 



Zoom Community Moderator

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