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Zoom Linux client under the hood; large memory utilization

I have two topics to bring up: 1) I am running Zoom client on a Debian 10 OS on a computer with Intel Broadwell mobile CPU and integrated graphics (Intel HD5500 graphics adapter). I use screen share a lot during my meetings. I notice that after meeting where I screen share, the memory utilization of the Zoom client is always very high (over 1 GB). I wonder if this is someone else's experience. It is nuts that a video conferencing software memory utilization is getting close to what a fatty web browser can do. 2) Starting with Zoom 5.10, I notice an significant in package size (5.9 has the size of ~ 56 MB but 5.10 has the size of > 127 MB). Quo vadis Zoom? I also notice that Zoom now spawns chromium zygote and other types of chromium-like processes, which to me tells that Zoom is moving toward building the app over Chromium and ElectronJS? IS this right? I try to find some hints looking around the web but to no avail. I'm curious because the native Chromebook version is being deprecated, and Zoom PWA is replacing that. So I suspect perhaps Linux will suffer the same fate?


I noticed the same thing here ! Iḿ running zoom on ubuntu 23.4 and after a meeting, zoom is consuming more than 1gb. If I close and reopen it, it comes back to 650gb