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Zoom Joins links as web authenticated user, and not app user


One of our Producers uses the zoom web interface to sign into the talents account to create a Zoom meeting on her behalf for interviews, but when this producer opens a link to later join the meeting - she also appears as talent/ host (via what’s signed in on her web browser) rather than her own account that she’s signed into on the app. 

Is there a way to default Zoom to join as the account signed in on the app rather than authenticating via whatever is signed in on the web browser? 
This is a licensed account, so maybe were underutilizing some services. If the producer can schedule a meeting under her account and have it for sure show up on talents zoom “upcoming meetings” without any further interactions that could be a solution.


Thanks in advance 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I also work with several Zoom accounts and it can be a bit frustrating. What I have settled on is when signing into the Zoom Client application I always type the credentials and always uncheck "Keep me signed in". And when I end the meeting or webinar I end it, then sign-out, then close the client app. I have the same practices when using the browser... provide my credentials, uncheck "Stay signed in", and make sure to logout when finished.

At some point I had to initially delete the saved passwords from Chrome.

The other option that I use at times is to open a browser in "Incognito Mode".

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Glad I'm not alone! I may have a hard time getting producers sign out / sign in reliably is my only concern. Getting producers to do stuff is like herding cats

I'm surprised there's not some way to either schedule multiple accounts, or choose which user to join as.

As a backup idea, I'm wondering if I should throw a separate web browser on their computers that's not the default (ie firefox in their case), so she can schedule in that browser, but links open in chrome where she's signed into her own account. If that actually works, It feels a little magiverish though!