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Zoom Cloud Recording not seen


I recorded a Zoom meeting to Cloud yesterday. The meeting was 2 hours long and after I stopped the recording and ended the meeting, I actually waited for the Zoom to send me an email that the recording was processing. It didn't show up. I left my computer open over the night in case it would upload to my Zoom. Nothing happened when I checked this morning. I can see that my zoom cloud record was over the limit so I was deleting some of the old recordings even before the meeting started. I checked trash and it wasn't there either. Where could the file go? How can I get access to those files? I really need that meeting recording. Thank you!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Recordings to the cloud do not require your computer to stay active or online, as the meeting is captured on the Zoom servers directly. I would recommend checking the Recording page on the web portal  to see if you can find the recording there. It may be listed there, but still processing. If its still processing after 24 hours, let me know. 

I am having the same issue.


I recorded a zoom video last night, but only the audio files showed up. It's not my settings, because I checked - the same account with the same settings successfully recorded videos to the cloud both before and after this meeting.


So where is my video file? Why is it not on the cloud? Why is it nowhere to be found?


This is an urgent matter and I am not happy about this complete failure on Zoom's part to remedy the issue in a timely fashion.

Hi Bort, 

Can you help me troubleshoot this issue? This is an urgent matter. I am having the same issue here where I recorded a Zoom meeting on Cloud yesterday. It has been 24 hours now and the recording is not populating on my end or the Host's end either. Please advice. 


Hi There,


I am having this same issue, no recording 6 days later in both cloud and local files. Please advise.


Thank you!

New Member
New Member

I just recorded a Zoom meeting. I watched as it was transferring to a different type of file. Then it all went away. I can't find it. It seems a bunch of us are having the same problem. HELP.

New Member
New Member

Literally just happened to me. Then you can't send a web ticket if your on basic. So looks like I am stuck.