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Wired connection is *worse* than wifi connection - wired connection often causes issues/skipping


I often have to unplug my wired ethernet connection when I'm in a zoom call because it starts glitching/having connectivity issues until I take out the ethernet connector to my router and just let it revert to wifi.   This issue doesn't happen with any other app. Why is this happening?



Hi mprom - I too am having similar issues and wonder if you ever found a solution? My computer is connected via ethernet cable to the wireless router (ethernet cable just going into one of the 4 ports on the back). Recently, Ive been seeing everyone freeze on Zoom and then I get disconnected from the Zoom meeting but then it just automatically connects again. When this happens, I am not losing wifi in the house. I too am just thinking of using my wifi instead of ethernet cable but I'd love to understand what is happening. Router is TP-link AX3000 -- firmware updated etc... 

maybe I should replace my router. It's got to be easier than this to set up a wired connection to my Zoom computer and also a wirless connection for the house. Anyone?