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When well-intentioned is often poorly done: Zoom Security is a UX nightmare!


Never let emapthy-free IT-nerds, developers and other "visual design experts" decide on UX-matters!

Design is about experience and the experience with Zoom can be substandard poor - at least when you work on multiple devices for good reasons and switch between them.

Zoom logs you out automatically. When switching your device and signing in it tells, you to "protect you because there's an unusual pattern and you are signing in from a device you haven't used for a longer time". What a bullshit!

Then you are waiting for the email with the verification code. It's simply not coming. You click on resend repeatedly, .... While you are waiting, never try to contact the support... the chat is the dumbest translation of a Q&A list that could ever exist - if this is the best what the Zoom technical team can get out of conversational AI... good night world ! If you try to contact phone support, you will have to enter codes and numbers you would only be able to enter when you have access to your account. Well, you try to log in via your browser, and guess what, I tries to send you a verification code. So you are circling with the dumb advice of the chatbot, to whitelist email and IP addresses and the simple fact that then at some point in time later emails arrive, .... yet, then the 10 minutes you have to enter the code are gone.

Well done, Zoom, ... Microsoft couldn't create a worse UX.