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Webinars vs Meeting


Hello everyone! 


We have used Zoom Webinar but don't like that the attendees can't be on video, so we're thinking of just using a meeting instead.  There would probably just be under 50 people. We would require registration. 


On the webinar we had people register and we set up a Zap with Zapier for some stuff to happen and that all went very smoothly. 


So my question is: if we switched to a meeting instead of a webinar would the registration part still work the same, meaning we would still be able to use Zapier in the same way? 


Also, how are Zoom Sessions and Zoom Events different from regular meetings and webinars?


Thanks for the help!




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


   It looks like Zapier has the same scope for meetings that it does for webinars. 
Meeting registration should be able to work the same as it does for Webinars.
Scheduling and customizing a meeting with registration – Zoom Support



Zoom Events is more like a conference where you can have multiple webinars/meetings in one wrapper. It gives some additional features like a backstage. 


Zoom Sessions can enhance a webinar with more features. Engage your audience and foster interaction | Zoom


You can find more in the link above.


I hope that helps! Please mark the reply Accept As Solution if it does.