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Webcam zooming in ability?


For a better user experience, I use an external HD webcam clipped to monitor located a bit more than 3 feet away from my head.   However, my video image fills only a tiny portion of the Zoom video area.   Is there a Video Advanced setting that would allow me to "zoom in" closer, so that my head shot occupies more of the frame?  I'm always the smallest appearing participant in meetings but can't find a setting to adjust my image size relative to the video area.


Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hey @WarriorsFan, you can change the original ratio if your camera supports it in Zoom Settings > Video > Original Ratio. It will only change the ratio if HD is unchecked. As to zooming in that's not a feature, we issue unless you have a PTZ camera which is for Zoom Rooms Camera Controls. Or possibly as a workaround leveraging OBS which can be used as a camera input and see if you can leverage this YT vid on Zooming your Camera in OBS.

Zoom Community Moderator

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