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Webcam Black Screen - MacBook Air


Hello Zoom Community,

Hope somebody can help me!

I am unable to get my external webcam working. I am using a MacBook Air, with EMEET c960 webcam through a HP USB-C dock. MacBook is up to date with OS (Sonoma 14.5), and I am on Zoom version 6.0.11 (35001) specified for the silicon chip.

Built in MacBook Air camera works okay, however when working I'd like to use my dock set up with a plug in webcam via USB. When camera is connected, it works with other applications on my Mac, but not Zoom. Zoom is picking up the webcam on the installed application, however video does not display and I have a black screen. WebApp works okay.


I have attempted the following but this has proven unsuccessful:

- Checked Settings, all looks okay.

- Webcam works successfully on Apple PhotoBooth, Teams and Cisco WebEx, as well as Zoom WebApp.

- Built-in FaceTime webcam on Mac works okay.

- Checked for update for Zoom, Zoom up to date.

- Unplugged webcam and tried another USB port on the dock.

- Plugged webcam directly into the Mac.

- Removed and re-installed Zoom.

- Disabled Antivirus.

- Checked Mac Security settings, webcam is enabled.

- Restarted Application, and Device.


I can't think of anything else to try and have checked KBAs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!



This sounds like it could potentially be related to the issue I am having with Zoom and my external camera. It is only Zoom that does this. It is absolutely a Zoom problem, but I have yet to receive a satisfactory response to my inquiry.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, the exact same. Can't really think of anything else to try that would help resolve the issue.


There may be a software glitch with the zoom upgraded version, maybe this is the reason why you are not able to connect it to your Mac. Try to use the lower version of zoom app on my mac. I have used lower version of it and it is working fine.