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Web Client, Firefox, Gallery View


I am trying to use Gallery in Web Client, but I do not see ANY option. What am I missing? I have been using the Zoom app for two years, so I am well acquainted with moving from Speaker View to the Gallery.


Also, to use Web Client in Firefox, you need to get an extension. It works very well, but who knows, it may be blocking the Gallery.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee
  1. Start or join a meeting with the web client
  2. Click View speaker-view-button.png



     in the top-right corner, and then select Speaker 


     or Gallery 





    Note: Gallery view on the web client is currently limited to 9 videos per page. This is due to technical limitations of the web client and maintaining consistency across all supported web browse

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Sorry but I am having the same issue and there is NO option to view Gallery view!  Please advise, client is using Firefox browser on MAC desktop.