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Voicemeeter Potato VAIO


I'm on Windows 10 with Voicemeeter Potato version with VAIO Extensions.  I've been using it without problems for 3 months (until today).  I have my speakers in Zoom set to VAIO input # 5 and it was working.  Today it doesn't work. I can use any other Voicemeeter input with no trouble.  Also other applications can send to VAIO input number 5 so Voicemeeter is working 100% with all of my other applications.  I even de-installed and re-installed Zoom but no go.   I'm pretty sure it is a Zoom issue.  It also says that my default input is VAIO number 5 but in Windows System settings I have it set to Voicmeeter Input and not VAIO #5 so Zoom is not reporting the correct default device either. 


For the time being, I've switched to using a VB Cable for output from Zoom (input to Voicemeeter) but something within the last 2 weeks has caused the break from Zoom (only) to VAIO input number 5.  I also reported the issue to Voicemeeter.