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Video suddenly stopped working in 2022


I've been using zoom for years, professionally & personally. The problem began late December/early January - I'm unable to join video anymore when I join a video. I've uninstalled and reinstalled zoom. I've confirmed my camera works by itself. I've done some searching online with no luck finding a solution. I'm running Windows 10 Home on my personal computer. The specific message is "Failed to start video camera. Please select another video camera in settings."


There isn't another video camera to select and my camera works fine...its just no longer working with Zoom.


Any tips?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ETin2022.  Situations like these are pretty hard to diagnose via email/chat. Here’s my thoughts:

Is there a new app you’re using that could have grabbed the camera? The only time I’ve seen this is then another app already has control of the camera. Most cameras have a small light that is lit when the camera is active; check to be sure yours is not lit when engaging the camera through Zoom. 
Another thing is to go to the Zoom Settings -> Video tab and adjust various settings, and hopefully find something that works. 

You mentioned uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom – consider uninstalling and reinstalling your camera too. 
Good luck!!

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