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Video on Statistics post meeting


How can I know the for how many minutes a partcipant has kept his video on during a meeting where it is compulsory to appear in video mode ?


Reports generated at the end only depict the time for which a participant was logged in, but not if he kept his video on and if so then for how long ?


Please let me know.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. You want a report showing a column or field for video/camera turned on. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be available in Zoom as a report. You can see that in the participant list during a meeting. To check the reports, I signed into my account, a Pro account, and went to Reports on the left. There are two or three categories. You will see Usage and Meeting, and if you have a Webinar plan, you will see Webinar. The Usage report has plenty of fields, such as join time, leave time, duration, guest, and waiting room. The time for the video/camera to be turned on is not listed. 

It's more work, but maybe during a meeting, you can periodically take screenshots. That is the only thing I can think of. If this answers your questions, please click Accept as Solution