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Video is streaking patterned rectangular shadows the length of the screen across


Hi Zoom Community!


Appreciate your help here. I just downloaded zoom to my Windows 11 MSI (Gaming Laptop). I have the latest version of Zoom 6.0.4. The issue is there is a constant streak of off-color shadowy even sizedc rectangles that stretch across the entire screen. I don't think it's a lighting issue as I've blocked all outside lightsources and wherever I place my laptop it never stops. I believe it's an internal issue. I tried disabling antivirus but that did not work. Does anyone have any recommendations on this?


Thank you very much!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

First of all this has nothing to do with Zoom. Without having any imagery of the screen I can only say that most likely this has to do with the internal flex cable between the motherboard and the display being damaged. Suggest getting a repair shop to take a look at the laptop.