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Using Zoom with wifi hotspot?



I've been using Zoom from home but now I have to go into an office with no wifi one day a week, using Zoom for 6 hours. Will using my iphone as a hotspot provide consistent quality? Would using a hotspot device be better? I'm a psychotherapist, so I need to have a consistent signal.


Thanks for any help.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @alexmsilb ,


This will depend on a number of factors.


Primarily, what the mobile network coverage is like in your office, and whether the data plan on your iPhone provides high-speed data to tethered/hot-spotted devices (some do, some don't).


If you have good coverage, and high-speed tethering on your iPhone plan, then it could work satisfactorily.


I would recommend tethering to your iPhone over USB, though, to get the most stable connection - and to keep the phone charged.


I dedicated hotspot with a USB connection might be just a little more of a robust solution though. You could pick a hotspot on the network with the best coverage for your location. Still try to pick a hotpot that supports a USB connection for tethering though.


If it is mission-critical, I would use a hotspot. Your iPhone could then be a backup - so at least you would have options.


Hope this helps.



Hi @alexmsilb 


I Accept what @Rupert  says


Sachindu Chamika