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Urgent: Recurring Disconnection Issues During Zoom Meetings


We are experiencing recurring technical issues with the Zoom platform that are significantly impacting our educational sessions. Below, I've detailed the incidents along with specific times and the nature of the problems encountered. Any guidance or resolution you can provide would be greatly appreciated as these issues affect over 200 participants.

Details of the Issues:

  1. Date and Time of Incident: 13/06/2024, 09:08 Latvian Time (GMT+3)

    • Problem Description: Interruptions during a Zoom meeting where participants and the host were disconnected multiple times within a 5-minute window. Additionally, there were issues starting the meeting, with the platform either not allowing it to start or throwing out participants repeatedly.
    • Impact: Disruption in educational lesson flow, affecting all participants.
  2. Previous Incident Date and Time: 11/06/2024, 19:00 Latvian Time (GMT+3)

    • Problem Description: Online recording failures on several accounts. The meeting stopped and restarted approximately 2-3 times within a 5-minute interval, leading to fragmented recordings.
    • Impact: The need to merge recordings post-meeting, which is not ideal for our documentation and review processes.

Questions for Zoom:

  1. What is the root cause of these disconnections and recording failures?
  2. Are there ongoing issues with the servers that particularly impact our region or account type?
  3. What immediate steps can be taken to prevent future occurrences?
  4. Can you provide a timeframe for when these issues might be resolved?