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Unmuting by host for only one user in regular meetings without a scheduled invitation


As hosts for weekly church meetings, (who are not present in the building) we have a need to remotely mute and unmute the PC on the lectern - muting is simple but how can we set up a facility for unmuting for just one user on a permanent basis?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You can use this option to get pre-approved consent from that computer to be unmuted during the session:

Unfortunately, it will ask everyone else for permission for the host to unmute them as well. 

Yes that is what I am trying to avoid but do you know if once we have done this between that PC and the host's PC can the request for this be turned off but in future meetings, it remains a function between the 2 computers available to the host without asking anyone else?   I suppose I should just start a meeting set it up then close the meeting and see whether it's there for the next meeting between the two.  I have 3 laptops available to simulate it!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I know the consent to be unmuted persists between those users, but not sure if you need to have that setting enabled for each meeting. I'd run a couple of tests to be sure it works that way. 


Yes, I am going to have to try that tomorrow and find out - like many things in life one has to try it!  thanks for getting back to me

Hi Bort and Team,


We have attempted to enable this option for our meetings but the system will not:

  1. Prompt the user to give authorization to the Host to mute/unmute them or
  2. Give the Host the ability to mute/unmute participants

This happens whether we toggle the option on or off. What could we be doing wrong?

Thanks for considering and all the best,